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In the modern world of 2020, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information at our fingertips. We are constantly bombarded with news updates, Instagram announcements, and email notifications and it is easy to fall short of completing our to do list. In one of our most recent blogs, we talked about the overwhelming amount of content that is available and that it is impossible to set aside time to watch them all. The same rings true for the constant updates in the entertainment industry. Case in point: yesterday we saw the restructuring of major entertainment businesses, witnessed Kanye West out his record label over ownership of his masters, and received ever-changing updates on the Tik Tok/ Oracle Trump battle. It’s overstimulating. 
Most days, we wish we had access to an organized summary of the many important updates from around the world. If there were one centralized place to receive pertinent weekly updates on all relevant topics, maybe the feeling of being behind or overwhelmed would subside. As always, Film Connx values being a source of information and a sense of relief to our community, so we decided to take some initiative: this week’s blog takes a glance at some of the major entertainment industry news that happened this week to keep you updated and hopefully a little less overstimulated.
Film Connx is a source of valuable information on subjects that matter most to the film community. Enjoy!

Coming Soon

In last week’s “Running Out of Content” blog, we explored the possibility of studios running out of new content going into and during 2021. However, Hollywood seems to be turning the tide! Over this past week, we have seen several announcements for releases coming in late 2020 and early 2021 and from the looks of it, we are in for a treat.

Film Festivals

We are well into film festival season and the topic on everyone’s mind is “how will they deliver on in-person events?.” So far, we witnessed the Venice Film Festival host a successful showcase that featured groundbreaking work, including Regina King’s One Night in Miami. Here are a few announcements involving current and future film festivals:

Company Deals and Updates

Lately there have been  plenty of announcements of new projects and recognition wins for diversity in Hollywood, and we are also seeing a lot of restructuring and changes from big companies. Most involve executive leadership but sadly, however some headlines unfortunately involve employee reductions in force. While COVID is still causing setbacks, there are several bright spots that indicate the industry is taking steps in the right direction to a better future:

What is Getting Film and Where

As members of this industry, it is important to stay current on what is getting film and where. Not only is it important for news purposes, but also for future job opportunities and networking possibilities. Film Connx prides itself on “keeping our ear to the ground” so that we can keep you informed. Here is a list of what is now filming and updates on the major production hubs that have started filming bigger projects again.

Have a great weekend!

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