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Week in Recap: October 12-16th

In 2020, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information at our fingertips. We are constantly bombarded with news updates, Instagram announcements, and email notifications and it is easy to fall short of completing our to-do list. Even as we decide on the topic of our blog post, it is challenging to settle on the optimal idea due to the frequent amount of updates happening in our industry. Likewise, the US is experiencing sensory overload with election coverage and the steady 24/7 updates as we approach election day. Everything is overstimulating.

Most days, we wish we had access to an organized summary of the critical industry updates from around the world. If there were one centralized place to receive pertinent briefings on all relevant topics, perhaps the feelings of being behind or overwhelmed would subside. As always, Film Connx values being a source of information and a sense of relief to our community, and we decided to take action: this week’s blog explores and summarizes the major entertainment industry news that happened this week to keep you updated and hopefully a little less overstimulated.

Film Connx is a source of valuable information on subjects that matter most to the film community. Enjoy!

Production News

Over the past six months, we have witnessed countless productions starting and quickly shutting down. As we settle into our new normal for the film industry, the trend seems to be delays in filming due to Coronavirus related issues. Here are a few clickable news headlines from this week concerning some of our most loved shows: experience

Coming Soon

Despite the number of setbacks and cancelations, Hollywood is truly turning the tide! There have been several announcements about releases and production deals happening in late 2020 and early 2021 and it appears that lots of great content is heading our way:

Theater News

Movie theaters have been at the industry’s forefront for the last couple of weeks. With no end of Covid-19 insight, there is consistent news about US movie theaters’ future fragility. Most large cinema franchises and small arthouse theaters have  shut down indefinitely or are teetering on bankruptcy. While nothing is set in stone, this week’s updates shed some light on cinemas’ chance of survival:

Company Deals and Updates

In addition to plentiful announcements of new projects and recognition wins for diversity in Hollywood, we have also seen an uptick in news from behind the scenes. In our blogs, we have discussed the ever-changing dynamics of various powerhouses within the industry, including new deals between the WGA and agencies, executive restructurings, and company-wide layoffs. While COVID-19 is still causing setbacks and shake ups, several bright spots indicate that the industry is taking steps in the right direction to a better future:

Where are Productions Being Filmed?

As members of this industry, it is important to stay current on what productions are being filmed and where. Not only is it important for news purposes, but also for future job opportunities and networking possibilities. Film Connx prides itself on “keeping our ear to the ground” so that we can keep you informed. Here is a summary of what is now filming and updates on the major production hubs that have started filming bigger projects again.

Additional Major Headlines

Finally, here are additional major headlines of which you should be aware, including tv ratings, award nominations, and general entertainment news:

As always, stay informed and have a great weekend!
– Film Connx Team

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