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The entire world has its eye on America this week. Arguably, this has been one of the most important Presidential elections in modern history and from the looks of it, we are following the results more closely than ever. Updates on the battleground states are trickling in and it appears that we may not have a certified and final result until next week. In the midst of frustration and fatigue, tensions and misinformation, we know that we are in this for the long haul. 
Election anxiety is real. Most of us are experiencing it — after a long and arduous campaign season gave way to a week of razor thin margins in battleground states. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed and to feel the need for a break. For this week’s blog, we want to help you unplug. Similar to our weekly updates, we have gathered ways for you to take a break from election madness to recenter yourself. 
As always, Film Connx values being a source of information and a sense of relief to our community so relax and enjoy, we’ll see you on the other side!


Everyday stress can harm your physical and mental health and the election has been a source of stress for lots of Americans. One of the most common ways that people combat stress is through meditation. And while meditation comes in different forms, from breathing exercises to professional programs, there are so many easy ways to get started on a meditation journey. Here are a few meditative resources to get you unplugged and de-stressed.

Calm App
A free meditative app that is great not only for meditation, but for relaxation and sleep.
Aura App
This meditation app is focused on stress release and the experience becomes more personalized as the app learns about users through prompts and provides daily three-minute meditations based on their answers.
Yoga Videos
There are thousands of short yoga videos focused on exercise, breath, and meditation. Here is a great YouTube list of a few yoga videos specifically focused on meditation in under 20 minutes.

Tai Chi
Another great form of de-stressing is Tai Chi. Used for not only meditation, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts and has many health benefits. Linked are several YouTube videos made for beginners learning the art.

What to Watch

If you just cannot get away from your TV but need a break from your choice news coverage of the election here are a few pieces of content to help ease your mind.

Short of The Week
A website featuring all different types of short films made by filmmakers.

SXSW 2020 Shorts
If you haven’t already, check out the short films selected for SXSW this year – they are streaming for free online via Mailchimp. 

Great British Baking Show
A beautifully calm cooking competition show where contestants not only bake but support one another.

Emily in Paris

The new feel-good Netflix hit show about a girl finding herself in a new city.

 Schitts Creek
A Canadian hit featuring light-hearted comedy with quick episodes that are easy to get into.
Reality TV at its finest. The new season is filled with drama, rule-breaking, mystery, and more  – the perfect concoction for anyone looking to get away from election news for 2 hours.


Lastly, sit in silence and breathe. Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re sitting on the edge of our seats and not breathing expansively until someone points out that we seem tense.  Deep cleansing breaths are soothing to both body and mind and beneficial to our health.  
We are constantly bombarded with the sound of updates from our TVs, social media apps, and text messages and often forget about the welcome sensation of sitting in silence with ourselves. This method of unplugging can be useful not only during this election time but also in our everyday lives. The world moves a mile a minute and it’s important to check-in with ourselves and out from the world —  if only for a few minutes to recharge. 
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