A New Look!

Film Connx Has a New Look!

For the past several months Film Connx has been working to upgrade your experience using the Film Connx website. 

In this week’s blog we will be highlighting some of Film Connx’s new and improved features that you can start enjoying TODAY at filmconnx.com


Back on the Market

Gone are the days of hard-to-use job navigation systems. Film Connx has streamlined the production job search with not only extensive job description categories, but with “length of project” filters, “Day Rate”, and much more!

New Profile. Who's This?

Film Connx has worked hard to enhance your profile making experience. New tabs for your bio, skills, education, linked accounts, portfolio, and resume have all been added and now are easily accessible for you.

Location Location Location

As creatives, we are constantly on the go and are not limited to getting jobs in just one state. With Film Connx’s improved profile features, you are now able to select multiple locations to tag with your profile (including remote!).

When Are You Available?

Film Connx is a place for employers and job seekers to easily connect. Part of that is knowing when you can work! Film Connx has added the availability feature as a way for employers to know exactly when you can get to work.


Our goal at Film Connx is to provide our partners with vetted crew members and our users with exclusive opportunities…and we’ve done that!

Film Connx is constantly building partnerships with amazing organizations and the ones listed below are just a few of an amazing list to come! 

What's Next?

Film Connx is constantly improving! We want our partners and users to have the best experience using filmconnx.com and we have plenty of amazing things planned for you all so explore our new website and stay connected with Film Connx.

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