What the Biden-Harris Regime Means for the Entertainment Industry + An Industry News Roundup.

No matter your political affiliation, every new administration brings with it the promise of change… and given how tough the last year was on the entertainment industry, we hope the Biden-Harris administration will change things for the better.

Curious about what this new leadership means for the production industry? We’ll break down a few things we know below.

The Biden-Harris Administration on Piracy. 

Piracy hasn’t been an easy thing to combat over the past decade. Especially in a world where technology companies reign supreme – and when their very platforms are often at the center of the entertainment industry’s piracy concerns. However, there’s a likelihood that providing checks-and-balances to big tech – and thereby mitigating piracy – will be on the Biden-Harris agenda.

According to Deadline: 

“There is some feeling that Biden will be less tech-friendly than the Obama administration, as his campaign has been highly critical of Facebook and what they see as the platform’s inability to curb disinformation.

What is encouraging to some in the industry is that Biden already knows the issues. When he was Vice President, Biden was tasked with piracy issues, and he held summits with executives across industries. One of his policy groups during the campaign was named platform accountability, a term that’s music to the ears of content creators who want companies like Google to do more to curb infringing content.”

Biden has been in communication with executives from Disney and Paramount Pictures, among other industry leaders, so we’re sure the administration is keeping intellectual property and anti-piracy issues top of mind.

The Biden-Harris Administration on Trade. 

Many are hopeful that the US’s relationship with China will change with this administration in order to improve general trade, and also film exports to the Chinese market where American films can reach large audiences. For example, Black Panther brought in $105 million for its Chinese release – a number second only to its US domestic release. 

While experts don’t expect changes to happen swiftly, our sources predict that the new administration will help rebuild the relationship with China, similar to the relationship that Biden built with then-Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2012, while Biden was Vice President. The past agreement specifically allowed for more U.S. film exports to China. 

The Biden-Harris Administration on COVID-19 Relief. 

ICYMI: the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 changed the production industry a lot, so understanding what this new administration is going to do to “fix” those changes is naturally top of mind. 

At the end of December, Congress passed a bill that allocated billions in aid for the production industry and we know that Biden has plans to change some elements of that relief bill for individual Americans. Before taking office, Biden prepared a $1.9 Trillion stimulus package, but it’s not entirely clear yet what, if any, changes he has in the plans that might impact the production industry specifically. Particularly businesses like movie theaters that need immediate relief.

Despite the uncertainty and unanswered questions, we’re hopeful that this new administration will have a production-friendly agenda.


Film Connx Industry News Roundup:

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‘Smoakland’ Cannabis Industry Comedy In Development At Freeform From Yara and Keri Shahidi – via Shadow & Act

TL;DR: Spark up and celebrate. Powerhouse mommy-daughter duo Keri and Yara Shahidi are set to produce a budding new comedy about cannabis as part of their overall development deal with ABC Studios. The new joint will feature Jewel Coronel (The Chi) as the writer and executive producer and Zahir McGhee (Scandal, Stumptown, Private Practice, For The People, and Harlem’s Kitchen) as an executive producer.

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‘One Night in Miami’ Costume Designer Explains How She Dressed 4 Iconic American Figures – via TheWrap

TL;DR: In Regina King’s directorial debut “One Night in Miami,” – which tells a fictionalized version of a meeting in a hotel room in 1964 between singer Sam Cooke, activist Malcolm X, football star and actor Jim Brown, and boxer Muhammad Ali (nee Cassius Clay) – there’s one character that steals the show in every single scene. The costumes! Francine Jamison-Tanchuck is a 40-year costume designing veteran with diverse credits like The Color Purple, Body Double, The Running Man, Coming to America, White Men Can’t Jump, Boomerang,… we could go on. Jamison-Tanchuck explains how she weaves the story together through threads.

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