The Hottest Job in Hollywood: COVID Compliance Officer + How to Become One

Nobody likes a tattletale. Unfortunately because “in the middle of a pandemic” is currently on repeat in the back of everyone’s mind, the only way that productions can continue these days is with stringent safety protocols.

So who checks and enforces those protocols?  Well, Film Connx Fam, the newest, hottest (perhaps hated?) job in Hollywood: COVID Compliance Officer.

Wondering what a COVID Compliance Officer actually does and *gasp* how to become one? We’ve got you covered.

A Brief History of COVID Compliance Roles

According to the LA Times “[COVID Compliance Officers were] created under an agreement [in September 2020] between entertainment unions and an alliance of producers as part of the terms for Hollywood’s return to production. Already, an industry is emerging around this important position. Some companies are offering training and certification, others are providing consulting services to productions.”

The old way of messy sets is no more in a world where the enemy is airborne, highly contagious, and deadly. One good thing is that because productions are required to have medics on the set, many of them have taken on the role of compliance officer or supervisor.

“The challenge is that we’re living in a new world; the way that people have gone about doing their jobs on the set has changed dramatically,” said Thom Davis, business manager of IATSE Local 80, which represents set medics, grips, and other workers. “You’ve learned to do things in a certain way,” Davis added. “And now, all of a sudden, you can’t do that. It takes a mental retraining.”

What a COVID Compliance Officer Does

A COVID Compliance Officer’s job is to ensure that pandemic safety protocols are being strictly followed. According to The Wrap, a compliance officer’s job can be extremely grueling, even for seasoned production staff:

“The set’s COVID compliance team typically begins its job the day before pre-production starts. It includes implementing the testing cadence and making sure there is enough PPE for everyone on set. Once filming begins, the number of people on set can balloon from the five-to-six-person Health and Safety team to as many as 800 people over the course of filming.

Each day starts with temperature checks… as well as an app on which everyone has to answer basic questions about how they’re feeling and if they missed any of their testing days. How many times someone must be tested depends on which “zone” they fall in. For example, people in “Zone A,” – those who will be less than six feet apart and not wearing PPE at any given point (aka the actors) – are tested daily. Others might be tested between one and three times each week.

The COVID compliance officers are among those who are tested daily.”

How to become a COVID Compliance Officer

Despite the schedule and hall monitor-esque role, these positions are crucial for the future of production. Considering becoming one? 

Our COVID Resources page lists many pandemic resources including where to find COVID Compliance certifications.

Also, consider joining to search for COVID Compliance Officer jobs or create a profile once you’re certified.

Until then, mask up and back up to help keep others and our productions safe.


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