Let's Get Down to Blogging

Welcome to the start of our blog! 

Film Connx is the job marketplace that connects vetted local crew with studios and productions. 


We want this blog to be a place where we can connect you all to relevant news and resources that matter most, topics ranging from what to do during COVID-19, spotlighting upcoming artists who are making a change in the industry, and how to finally get started on that screenplay you said you’d always write.


Soon, we’ll open-up the blog for guest posts by crew members and provide a way to engage with other members. Ultimately, this blog is a way for you to be plugged-in and have your voice represented in what’s next for the industry. As we all navigate this tough time in the entertainment industry, we want you to know that we are listening and always keeping it real while also being a place where you can come for entertainment and relief as well.


To get started, we’ll share a new blog posts every Tuesday morning. As we navigate this new space, we may make adjustments to that schedule as we discover the best timing from your feedback.


Film Connx has been and always will be a place for creatives and we can’t wait to start sharing the exciting stories we have lined up for you! Be sure to subscribe to our social accounts to stay up to date.


-Film Connx Team