Man FX Destiny

  • Address 2318 Mellon Court Decatur ,Georgia 30035 United States
  • Categories: Special Effects
Man FX Destiny is a full service Special Effects Fabrication and Operation company with a successful and diverse Prop Shop element. We’ve got a 10,000 square foot permanent shop with a substantial yard for storage of trailers and for gag testing. There is nothing we can’t build right here in house. From a Ferris wheel or roll cages to a Demigorgon corpse to breakaway anything, we’ve got your production covered. Machine shop, mold shop, cabinet shop, textile and electronics shops, and a massive fabrication and assembly space.
Our warehouse has every type of equipment for execution of gags on large or small productions. Massive 100’ rain bars and a dozen traditional towers, 6” air mortars to mortars that fit in a waste basket, Ritter fans, MoleEFX Fans, ratchet mechanisms that can flip a car or drag a stuntman, the largest collection of snow making and dressing equipment in the southeast, the only half million btu portable pool heater in GA, and an extensive State certified indoor pyrotechnic magazine.
We have two extremely well stocked set trailers for heavy lifting in first and second unit roles and a 5 ton set truck for small locations. We also have a significant road package for standby spaces on stages or locations where a long term presence is desirable.
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