How It Works


What is Film Connx?

Film Connx is a job marketplace and community for film designed to:

Why Film Connx?

The film and TV industries are booming and contribute billions to the United States economy.  However, crew in vibrant production hubs often struggle to find work.  Studios spend exorbitantly to import crew to the same production hubs because prior to now, there hasn’t been a reliable mechanism for identifying and hiring  local “above the line” and “below the line’ professionals.

Enter, Film Connx. We disrupt this dynamic – Film Connx introduces studios, production houses and vetted local crew and facilitates the hiring and payment processes. 

We’ll help you expand your network to source and engage talented crew in the locale where you’re filming – an even more important need during COVID, when travel is impractical and in some cases impossible.

How Does It Work?
Film Connx partners with studios and production houses and corporations to facilitate job placement for a variety of roles in production hubs across the US. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today.
Studios and corporate partners can identify talent in a variety of ways, including:
  • Searching vetted crew profiles
  • Posting jobs to the platform
  • Film Connx can push jobs directly to eligible vetted crew on organization's behalf, increasing efficiency (targeting) and proficiency (cost savings)
  • Film Connx can provide a diverse slate of vetted crew for consideration, if organizations desire
Want to Learn More?
We welcome the opportunity to explore a partnership with you.  Please reach out to us at:  or fill out the form here.