Lithonia, Georgia

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Saturday, June 22, 2019 for one day

0 credits

This is a live event IMAG gig for a gospel group in large venue.
Load in – Set up early afternoon. Mid afternoon sound & camera check. 2 hour show in evening.

We are doing shows in Chicago, Lithonia GA, Landover MD, Kissimmee FL, Tallahassee FL, and Houston TX. Please look at those listings if you want to bid on more than your local area.
1 operator for camera on tripod, I supply camera and tripod. $400 for day
1 operator for handheld camera on stage, I supply camera $400 for day
1 JIB, min 25′. You supply JIB, camera, and operator. Tell me what gear you bring and rate.

I am bringing switcher and am directing. Please do not bid on this.

Please do not call or text. Please do not send a 4 page email listing all of your gear and credits. Please give me max 1 paragraph of your background and list only gear (JIB & JIB Camera here) that you’ll bring. If you’re bidding on the JIB position, I would like to see one clip of your work.

If your normal gig is major films or commercials using $25k camera rigs, you might be over-qualified for this. This is simple. IMAG only, WILL NOT BE RECORDED or BROADCAST.

Sorry if this sounds curt. My previous postings resulted in very long emails about items and people I’m not looking for. Thanks.

Please tell this employer you found the listing at FilmConnx.com.