Sunday, May 10, 2020 for one day

1 credit

Hi there! I’m looking for an audio engineer for two live stage plays/musical events that will take place in the same day; one show at 4pm and the evening show at 7:30pm, May 10th.

Engineer must have own equipment:
6 lavalier or head mics
2-3 stage mics for a choir to sing into
1 microphone for the host
Mixing boards
Speakers etc…

The event hall seats 200 people. Music and sound effects will be provided on CD or flash drive. The show itself lasts for 2 hours. The engineer is expected to arrive for set up 1.5 hours prior to the event to set up and do a sound check with the cast for a full 7 hour span with a half hour to 45-minute break between shows.

The engineer is expected to show up for 2-3 rehearsals to become familiar with the sound effects, set up and break down their equipment on the day of the show, mic the actors, run through sound checks, know how to troubleshoot, resolve issues quickly and responsible for the total sound of the event.

Please tell this employer you found the listing at FilmConnx.com.