Friday, October 2, 2020 for two days

We are seeking cinematographers for a documentary shoot in Atlanta, GA at Georgia Tech University. This will be a 2 Day shoot to happen between Friday, Oct 2, and Sunday, Oct 3. (Final dates are TBD) This project will be produced remotely so we are seeking a local crew to the Atlanta area only.

We are keeping safe and strict COVID safety measures intact and will be operating with a very small crew. We are seeking cinematographers who have more of a “Preditor” background and are able to operate efficiently as a one-man band – filming, running their own sound and conducting interviews, etc. Due to the safety limitations, there will likely not be a support crew in place and this will be a 2-person very self-sufficient “Preditor” style crew. Please also note that COVID testing may be required prior to the shoot.

The shoot will incorporate a few interviews and some general b-roll with specific shots to get.

The project has a fixed rate of $750/Day for this position.

Qualified candidates should respond with their resume and links to relevant work. Please also outline your available equipment package – camera, sound, etc.

Please tell this employer you found the listing at FilmConnx.com.