We are looking for a Compositor to help us produce high-end content for episodic and feature productions.

Compositors at our studio work in Blackmagic Fusion, but applicants with experience in Nuke will also be considered. Our tasks range from color correction of 2D elements to full 3D scene creation, to produce the final picture for our animated productions. Experience in DaVinci Resolve is a plus.


Follow the guidance and direction of the Compositing Director.
Work creatively to combine 2D & 3D assets from other departments and create custom VFX.
Take critique from the Compositing Director and your peers to make adjustments as needed.
Maintain a consistent look and style across an entire project, based on designs from the Art Director.
Review script, storyboard, designs, animation pencil tests, and other resources to ensure continuity, consistency, and correctness of action, camera, color, and effects.
Communicate respectfully with artists from other departments to quickly make corrections and additions as needed.
Learn and adapt to our proprietary pipeline and in-house tools, and be flexible to changes that occur.
Collaborate with respect, humility, inclusion, and open-mindedness.


Applicants must complete a compositing test to gauge their skill level.
At least 2-3 years of industry experience in compositing or visual effects.
Some experience working with 2D animation.
Some experience in 3D animation software and compositing 3D render passes.
Color correction experience in DaVinci Resolve.
Advanced experience in either Fusion or Nuke.
Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of compositing and visual effects.
Demonstrate skill in shot composition.
Must take direction well and be comfortable working both independently and as part of a team.
Ability to critically self-evaluate, self-edit, and problem solve.
Capacity to adapt to a broad range of looks from realistic to stylized.
Must be willing to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia.

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