Diamond Diaspora Media is looking for a competent Director of Photography to collaborate with on a series of documentary films. The DP will contribute expertise to help empower our production team to constantly raise the bar in innovative, cinema-quality filmmaking. You’ll be an integral part of our mission to bring compelling stories and striking visuals to every film we create. This job will require you be in or around the Atlanta area so please only apply if you are an Atlanta Metro resident.


-Minimum of 5+ years of experience as a Director of Photography
-Create and follow a shot list and improvise better shots when available
-Thorough understanding of how to quickly and efficiently set up shots and camera settings
-Strong creative storytelling using shooting and lighting techniques are a must
-Expert understanding of shot composition and using creative angles
-Exceptional knowledge of cameras, variable focal length and primes lenses, filters, lighting, matte boxes and all methods of shooting, including dolly, crane, jib, or handheld (with ability
-Ability to shoot various and multiple frame rates in multiple recording digital formats, HD and UHD
-Team minded, able to effectively collaborate with other team members to maximize productivity
-Ability to shoot short and long form content
-Attention to detail, demonstrates a high degree of accuracy and consistency.
-Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
-Experience with audio recording and microphone set-up, including Boom and wireless mics
-Degree in Broadcast and Film Production or equivalent
-Willing to travel and be capable of carrying 50-100 lbs
-Demo of work is required


Atlanta Black Star is a narrative company. We publish narratives intentionally and specifically to enlighten and transform the world.

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