Freelance 2D Video Animator

Cardwell Beach, the world’s best new marketing company, is looking for a 2D video animator to join our team.

Ideally you are:

You should be proficient at creating video animations and have a deep understanding of best practices as it relates to file size restrictions, optimization. Initial tasks include working with existing video content to improve the visual effects in key sections.

The goal for this position is to start as freelance and grow into full time as the business continues to grow and take over (as we have done with other team members). This position is not unique in the sense that it is remote / offsite. It is unique however in that the entire company was built in a format where we hire the best people we can possibly find vs someone who can commute to a silly cubicle.

We care that you care so show us some love and send us your resume, samples of your work and rate to positions@cardwellbeach.com. Maybe even tell us why you’d be a great fit for this role.

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