Friday, September 25, 2020 for three days

1 credit

Project Title: Video Producer and Editor
Proposals accepted on a rolling basis until: 5 PM EST on September 25, 2020. Submit proposals ASAP.
Total Capacity: Candidate would have capacity to complete the project by mid- to late-October 2020. Project should start in late-September. A Master Services Agreement can be put in place with an hourly rate or total project rate.

Project Description: We are an Atlanta-based policy research nonprofit. In 2018, we launched an equitable economic vision for Georgia. This report included details about our state’s health, education and other essential programs and services the government provides. We recently built this vision into a full campaign with other organizations in our state, including 9to5 Georgia, Faith in Public Life and Small Business Majority.

State elected officials and other policymakers rely on our research and recommendations to help them make decisions critical to Georgia’s future. People who are focused on a wide range of state policies, from education to health care and more, rely on our evidenced-based solutions to understand the best way forward. And our reputation as a nonpartisan, trusted source is evidenced by a near daily citation in the state’s media. We are an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 2004.

Organization Overview
We are working to advance lasting solutions that expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. We examine the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions. We educate the public about complex issues confronting Georgia.

Scope of Work

• Create script and storyboard in collaboration with our communications team
• Shoot and edit a compelling, short video that focuses on the campaign and its overall mission of advancing people-first policies for Georgians • Include footage of education, health care and other key services provided by the state
• Incorporate partner organizations 9to5 Georgia, Faith in Public Life and Small Business Majority. Video will be co-branded with all orgs.
• Check in weekly or biweekly with the communications team for progress report.
• Provide an MP4 and/or MOV version of the video files
• Provide multiple video cuts, ideally including 2 short videos – one optimized for Twitter at 2:20 – and two teaser videos.
• Provide high res cover images for video promotion

Our team members engage with communities throughout Georgia, participating in panel discussions, media events and leading conversations in public forums. This outreach helps us to effectively publicize our latest research across the state to a wide variety of audiences.

Budget: We will consider all proposals. We have a cap of $5,000 for this project.

Proposal Requirements

Background: Name, title, and contact information of primary contact. A brief description of prior filmmaking background, particularly for nonprofits.

Approach: Describe your creative process and how you would best compel viewers to support this campaign. Explain how this process would work amid COVID-19. We are open to ideas on the best format/style for this video.

Examples: Proposals should include examples of previous relevant work. Please provide links to specific videos or portfolio

Schedule and Timeline: Please outline a high-level timeline for your availability, broken down into segments of script/storyboard creation, filming and video production through the end of October. The goal is to be ready to launch the video by the end of October.

Cost: Include an estimate for hourly rate or total project rate and total available hours in your proposal, as well as any other expected costs.

Values: Demonstrated commitment to and explanation about your views on advancing equity, inclusivity and prosperity among all Georgians.

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