WXIA/WATL is looking for a jib /steady camera/ robotic operator for its newscasts, marketing program, daily talk show, and other productions. Candidate will work with the production, news, and local programming departments to meet the production needs for live, taped, and automated programming, under the direction of the show’s Director and Operations Management. Operator will work in conjunction with the Director to create visually-interesting and smooth, clean shots. Candidate will operate the Cammate Jib, Movi Steadicam, Cambot robotic camera system, and studio hand-held cameras, as well as help maintain the studio with lighting and set upkeep. It will be imperative that camera operators also assist in maintaining all of the above cameras and their rigs to make sure they are In good working order.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Communications) or equivalent work experience required.
Two (2) years of experience in live, multi-camera studio production preferred, with related camera operator experience required
Knowledge of Cammate Jib & stedicam rigs along with Ikegami HD cameras preferred
Ability to identify and trouble shoot mechanical issues with equipment and set up
Must be able to lift 25+ lbs. depending on stedicam rig and set / strike studio gear

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