The Producer oversees the entire production week to week at our YouTube channel. He/She will be the supervisor of all department heads within production and handles the logistical aspects of the production. This role may be a blend of a directors and producers role in a typical film crew.

Expectations for Role:

– The Producer will be constantly pushing the team to create an awesome product
– He/She will keep people accountable and hold them to a high standard of integrity and work ethic
– He/She will be observant, constantly evaluating his/her team, to make sure they have the right skillset, attitude, and effort to produce great results
– Will be open to feedback and teachable willing and ready to grow and improve in his/her craft
– Will be a leader and radically truthful with his/her team
– Will keep open communication, readily admit fault and take ownership of a problem
– Knows how to delegate rather than heaping all responsibility on his/herself
– Has great discernment in regards to the team’s abilities to tackle certain tasks


What We’re Looking For

Someone who is:
– A natural leader
– Not afraid of confrontation
– A hard worker
– Punctual
– Organized
– Knowledgeable in production
– Kind and respectful
– Able to manage and organize a team
– Creative
– A team player
– Reliable and consistent
– Experienced in the current or related positions (2-5 years)
– Able to conceptualize, write and edit scripts or storyboards as needed

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