Our Senior Video Producer and Motion Designer is capable of handling multiple, multi-weeklong video editing, production, animation, concept art, and internal projects simultaneously. With Emmy® Award winning skills and an endless curiosity, they bring the video, animation, photo, and audio game to the next level. They execute a wide variety of work ranging from motion graphics animation to 3D animation and printing to onsite event shooting and large-scale celebrity shoots.

Job Responsibilities

Audio-Video Wizard: Makes high quality and engaging work in live action, 2D and 3D animation, hybrid platforms, audio design and more.
New and Mixed-Media Maker: Brings new projects to table and discussion, including live/quick character animation, 3D animation and modeling, VR/AR, 3D printing, concept/hand drawn illustration and more. Researching and building new offerings from the ground to up, including tech, sell, packaging and the next big thing.
On-Set Action: Producing, directing, and planning shoots big and small with everyone from KOLs to colleagues to patients to celebrity spokes people. From interviews to script shoots to recording booths. Behind the scenes, stills, broadcast, promotion, time lapse and effects.
Video Maestro: coordinator and conduit for all video projects, equipment, and concepts, including mastery of equipment including cinema, dSLR, action, and mobile cameras.
Crews Control: Recruiting, vetting, and managing video agencies, producers, editors, animators and other audio/photo/video professionals to ensure quality work is delivered to spec and on time.
Precognitive Preproduction: Plans narrative from all angles, from story flow to storyboards, in close collaboration with our writing and copy team. Estimating costs, needs, and budget on all varieties of AV projects and finding the right tools for the job.
Motion Mastery: Brings Emmy® Award winning motion graphics and animation design to the office every single day. From character to concept and 3D to flat vectors, the world comes alive in motion.
Video Tech Teacher: Brings knowledge as needed and in workshops on how to shoot, edit, consider, and execute on AV needs, consulting for getting the best content you can with what you’ve got.
Dream Machine: explores new concepts and ideas collaboratively and creatively, always bring new ideas to the floor inside and outside specialty, climbing higher and boosting teammates all at once.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

3+ years of animation and video experience, including award winning work in PR, news, ads, short, feature, narrative, and documentary.
Cross-platform, multimedia knowledge including expertise in cameras, recorders and creative software. Expert level animation, video and audio software user.
Team recruitment, management and direction within specialty, both internal and external.
Demonstrated initiative and invention with an eye towards new media and growth.
Wide experience across multiple creative disciplines and deep experience within all parts of their focus. Avid enabler of collaboration and unafraid of adventuring into the unknown.

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