Monday, October 5, 2020 for four months or more

1 credit

[site to be determined — options being explored – DC area, LA, San Jose, Seattle, Boise, Boston, Atlanta)]
[Time TBD ]
1. Pri 1 – Set design
Pri 1: Design external home/landscaping sets to be built in side a 5000 square foot warehouse
Sets will be used and revised over the course of a year, and should be designed with as much flexibility/movability as possible.
a. Initial construction: 2 sets with view from front door of home (security camera mounting)
b. Design lighting and functionality to mimic different times of the day (night with lights, reflection on snow/rain/ noon) and weather
c. Spec/design props for minor changes to mimic different locations of the same house type (fence, bushes, movable deck/stairs, mailbox, etc.)
d. Revision: sets to be revised every 6 weeks or so (staggered – 4-5 revisions per set), to reflect different home styles (porch, brownstone with stoop, sidewalk, etc.)
e. Sets need to look real on camera, but do not need to meet sound or material requirements (also do not need to be acoustically isolated from each other)

2. Pri 2 – Set construction – management
a. Construct sets and revise them every 6 weeks or so months. Price to include material as speced above, including decking, siding, porch railings and pillars, overhangs
b. Construction/procurement of modular pieces of the set and props will be needed (on wheels, where possible). See 1c above

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