Job Summary:

Assists Lighting department with improving quality of daily, lighting, and final renders

Assists in optimization, including per-shot, per-sequence, and show- and studio-wide techniques for improved render efficiency for both time and memory utilization

Tests/Debugs/Troubleshoots lighting renders

Monitors rendering trends during the course of production and anticipates issues and suggests solutions

Seeks new methods to approach highest efficiency of td workflow and render farm utilization

Interfaces with production, systems, and tools to address technical issues and expand creative reach in these overlapping areas


Desire to debug and problem solve

Strong aesthetic eye for render quality and problem localization

Exceptional customer-service background: positive, upbeat, friendly demeanor

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required for communicating with a variety of positions, leadership and otherwise, within the studio

Must be able to work alone and collaboratively with multiple tasks

Must be a team player

Must be open to direction and able to embrace change

Education in computer science, mathematics, engineering, Media Production, or a related field

Strong familiarity with computer graphics concepts is important

Skills in the following areas are generally required: Unix or Linux OS, Scripting or Programming in C, C++, Python, or a similar language; CGI tools such as Maya, RenderMan, Katana, Nuke, or Houdini

Systems administration experience preferred, but not required

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