Job Title: Video Tape Operator – Video Editor Assistant

Job Type: Entry-Level / Seasonal to Part-Time/Full-Time

Hours: 30-40 hours +/- per week

Pay: $8-$10/hr. (DOE)

Job ID: ELVPA190801 (No phone calls or office visits please. No staffing agencies.)

Description: At Current Pixel, we digitize film, video tapes, photos, audio recordings and other recorded memories and historical assets for families and businesses. The digital files we create can then be easily accessed and enjoyed on modern devices that our clients already use every day.

This is an entry level position, and training will be provided. It is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work with video technology, but hasn’t had the opportunity to fully pursue this interest at work or through education. The Video Tape Operator is responsible for digitizing the customer’s media items such as video tapes, DVD videos, and other video storage media and devices. The Video Tape Operator will be trained to use various playback and video capture technology, along with computers and software to achieve this goal.

This is currently a seasonal position that needs to be filled ASAP, and would need to be filled through the end of the year. However, there is a possibility that this position will turn into a PT/FT opportunity.

The ideal candidate will have an interest in video media, video preservation, and a solid work history. The candidate also needs excellent vision and hearing to detect imperfections in videos, images, and audio as well as differences between various levels of quality. This position requires a mature, responsible individual with an excellent work ethic, extreme attention to detail, and ability to multi-task for long periods of time.

Required skills:

Solid work history
Able to maintain a work schedule through December 23rd
Excellent vision and hearing
Some basic familiarity with video technology or video media
Ability to detect video imperfections and playback problems (with training)
Ability to learn, use and troubleshoot various video playback and capture technology, software applications, devices and computers (with training)
Experience with modern Windows OS versions
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Strong work ethic
Highly reliable
Very detail oriented and highly organized
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Strong internet research skills
Excellent listening & comprehension skills
Ability to thrive in a rapid-paced environment where multi-tasking is key
Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Ability to lift containers up to 25 lbs., including putting on and taking off of overhead shelves
Desired skills:

Strong customer service experience, preferably with a customer-centric organization (e.g. Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Apple, Trader Joe’s)
Familiarity with historical methods for event capture such as film photography, filmography, videography, audio recording, etc.
Experience with products in Adobe’s CS/CC offerings (e.g. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder)
Ability to support and clearly explain pricing and technical concepts to clients in person, on the phone and via email
Solid understanding and efficient usage of modern Mac OS version

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