ALWAYSLIVE is looking for full-time Basketball Event Coordinators for our nationwide basketball tournaments.

We run 100+ basketball events annually. We film our games for online viewing, and our game film is shot courtside for analysis by college recruiters and statisticians. It must be high-quality and complete, as missing any of the action could limit a player’s chances for recruitment opportunities. This requires a disciplined and enthusiastic professional with a strong focus on detail and the desire to successfully oversee and train a staff of videographers to ensure complete and precise capturing of this game film.

How would you like to get paid to be courtside?
Our videographers are our Superstars and the best are truly interested in the on-court action and are serious about capturing every aspect of a player’s performance for recruiters.

This job might be for you if:
the squeak of rubber-soled shoes on the hardwood is music to your ears
watching amateur basketball is your passion (or at least a favorite pastime)
you can play nice with humans and machines
Videographers need to be:
knowledgeable of basketball terminology, play, and rules
aware of courtside etiquette (or prepared to learn)
comfortable having limited interaction with officials, coaches, and enthusiastic fans!
prepared for long hours (some event days run 10 hours)
available weekends (most of our events run Friday through Sunday)
comfortable using camcorders, phones/tablets to record video (or prepared to learn)
You’re a good fit if you:
can stay focused on the game action from beginning to end while following the ball with a camcorder or phone/tablet
able to consistently follow written and verbal directions
are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
Videographers typically earn $200-$300 per event weekend
Pay starts at $10/game and games typically run 30-50 minutes including halftime
We hire Videographers for multiple events. Our events are 2 to 3 days and the majority of them run every weekend between March and August.

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