The University of California, Berkeley


Primary Campaign Video Creation:

Conceptualizing, planning, shooting, and editing a two-year-long series of videos that effectively illustrate the primary theme and priorities of the public phase of our multi-year campus-wide fundraising campaign. This includes:


-Identifying, vetting, contacting, and coordinating a wide variety of subjects with approving stakeholders
-These video subjects will include high-level university staff, alumni, and donors requiring great interpersonal care
-Scouting locations and acquiring permissions for their use
-Shooting videos that meet industry standards for lighting and sound
-Editing videos, using graphics supplied by graphic design colleagues
-Creating a final product that meets approving stakeholders’ standards and UDAR’s editorial guidelines
-Providing the correct types of files to web team colleagues and other outlets in a timely manner

Additional Video Support:

-Editing crowd sourced videos from the global Cal community, for use on websites and social media
-Editing videos created by ERMC colleagues at events, for use on websites and social media
-Assisting with livestreaming of live campaign events
-Assisting in management of departmental Youtube channel
-Helping to develop and implement departmental captioning policy and process
-Providing video consultation to campus units and UDAR colleagues on projects related to the campaign or the chancellor’s strategic plan

Departmental Collaboration:

Participates in regular planning meetings for campaign content (e.g. podcasts, editorial pieces, photos) being created and disseminated across departmental, university, and outside platforms.

Professional Development:

Also maintains currency with emerging and state-of-the-art technical and other web-related equipment, requirements and developments (for example, accessibility issues) and recommends and as directed, takes action to ensure compliance.


Required Qualifications

-Thorough understanding of video equipment including cameras, lighting, and sound.
-Ability to create video content that is clear, informative, accurate, compelling, functional, and consistent with the campus messages as directed by management.
-Thorough technical skills in computer applications for video content editing and production.
-Thorough understanding of institutional processes, procedures, and applicable rules and regulations for video communications.
-Strong interpersonal communication skills, including political acumen and skill in trouble-shooting and applying proactive and positive solutions.
-Thorough skills to develop and implement original ideas and correctly identify and effectively avoid or resolve problems.
-Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced editorial setting, under tight deadlines and with competing priorities.
-Ability to collaborate as part of a team, hearing and responding appropriately to varying perspectives and communication styles.
-Solid interviewing and research skills.
-Knowledge of and ability to implement accessibility requirements.

Preferred Qualifications

-Some background in fundraising communications preferred.

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