Job Summary
Expecting to start this position in early 2021:

Working under supervision of the Virtual Cinematographer, the Virtual Production Operator is responsible for maintaining and operating the relevant hardware and computer software and tools required to run virtual camera and motion capture shoots, and for ensuring all layouts are prepared for visualization. They operate the game-engine and related tools in order to visualize and modify digital layouts on-set for the Director and Cinematographer to achieve their preferred lighting, composition and animation goals.

Ensuring layouts are properly prepared for motion capture or virtual camera shoots including building scene hierarchies for easy operation and optimizing environments
Work with the Cinematographer by operating the virtual camera software and hardware on virtual camera shoots to help them achieve their desired shots on-set
Work with the Director and Cinematographer to quickly alter layouts including animation, lighting and set composition in Unreal Engine’s Sequencer live on-set to achieve the desired shots
Work with the layout team by operating motion capture software and hardware on motion capture shoots to help the production capture great character motion for the layout creation process
Maintain good working order of all relevant hardware and software, ensuring they are fully operational for current and future shoots
Quickly solve creative camera and layout requests using technical and creative problem solving
Actively communicate with all relevant parties on-set to ensure shooting goes smoothly and all problems and solutions are well communicated and understood
Maintain high quality and productivity of themselves and team members throughout projects
Ensure a high level of professionalism and communication with all team members
Remain current and up-to-date in virtual production and game-engine technology

Degree/diploma in fine arts or equivalent experience
Thorough knowledge of Unreal Engine including Sequencer, scene hierarchies and blueprinting
Thorough knowledge of Virtual Production technologies including virtual cameras and motion capture
Demonstrable understanding of animation fundamentals, animation blending and graph editors
Demonstrable understanding of camera lensing, composition and movement
Demonstrable understanding of lighting fundamentals
Demonstrable ability for constant vocal and active communication with team members while working in a high pressure and high intensity environment
On-set production experience an asset
Demonstrable Blueprinting skills in Unreal Engine an asset

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