Gender: Male


Zip code: 90094


Prior Commitments: November 20, 2020

I am a Film Commercial Director and Video Editor for multiple

international clients that include commercials (molto croissant,

7days bake rolls, and more), social media ads, music videos,

promotional videos, short films (9to5, Little star and more).


I have worked closely with other departments including marketing, sales, production while I was

working as a creative director/ Copywriter for five years. Experience has taught me how to build strong

relationships with all departments of an organization. I have the ability to work within a team as well as crossteam.

Some of my duties as a Filmmaker included the following:

• Directed and/or edit various TV commercials and digital projects.

• Participated in all stages of the filmmaking process from the scriptwriting and pre-production to the final edit

and release.

• Worked closely with executive producers to develop a vision for the projects.

• I am proficient in relevant computer programs like Adobe Premiere pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

and Adobe Photoshop.


Prior Commitments

  • November 20, 2020

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