Gender: Female


Zip code: 30308


Eleven years of experience in the film industry, capable of lending a hand and working as a team with many different departments to effectively solve problems. Offering exemplary skills in working with all types of personalities, adapting to different situations and having a strong work ethic with a safety driven mentality.


Michigan State University
Student Labor Assistant / 2018-2019
·       Managed and maintained metal shop

·       Trained students in safety protocols and ensured proper and accurate handling of equipment and materials.

·       Followed all safety guidelines, including proper machine lockout procedures.

·       Skilled in use of acetylene torch for cutting and welding.

·       Traditional fine art skills, Adobe Photoshop, Studio management.


MTA Enterprises LLC
Carpenter / 2016-2019
·       Repaired and maintained properties, including renovating walls and ceilings, installing fixtures and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

·       Planned work based on blueprints and individual project specifications.

·       Safe use of all tools including band, circular, jig, reciprocating, chop saws, etc.


Screen Actors Guild
Stunts / 2008- current
·       Reviewed job specifications and site conditions to determine appropriate rigging configurations and maintain safety of the actors and crew.

·       Knowledgeable about using winches, counterweights and motorized cabling systems

·       Comfortable working at heights and in confined space & various rigging


Michigan State University

September 2015/December 2019 Studio Art- Concentration in Painting

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