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Senoia, GA


Producer             2012 – 2020

Freelance Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager for Short Form, Commercial and Feature Film

Pitching, Script breakdown, Craft bids (Movie Magic and Hot Budget-AICP), Scheduling (Movie Magic, if applicable) develop and manage production and post budget, negotiate rates, hire crew, issue COIs, obtain permits, oversee casting, create deliverables (pre production to final delivery), troubleshoot problems on and off set, actualize budgets (Payroll, PO’s, Invoices, Petty Cash), hire post team as necessary, oversee post process (edit, sound, color).

Veracity Colab Agency           2012 – 2015

A full service agency specializing in live action and motion design short form content.

Writer / Producer (I wrote or co-wrote the majority of scripts produced)         2013 – 2015

Client relations, write/co-write script, execute client brief, craft bids, develop and manage production budget, set up internal processes, negotiate rates, hire outside crew, build contract crew list, issue COIs, obtain permits, organize casting, run production meetings, delegate jobs, collaborate with creative executives,  set and execute deliverables, and troubleshoot problems throughout production.

Director (Directed and/or Produced & Directed)       2013 – 2015

Collaborate with Writer and Client, cast vision for project, collaborate with crew, work with Casting Director, scouts, creative prep (shot lists, pre-vis, storyboards), and cast vision for post production.

Junior Writer and Project Coordinator       2012 – 2013

Pitch creative, complete first draft of screenplay, collaborate with client, hire freelance writers.

Other Experience

Buffalo 8 Management

A full service media company specializing in Original Content, Development and Production, Post Production, PR and Marketing, and Client Management services.

Day to Day Assistant Manager / Producer

Assistant to Steven Adams, PGA and Television Academy Producer of Netflix Original RODNEY KING directed by Spike Lee. VFX Producer whose credits include AVATAR (James Cameron), THOR (Marvel Studios), LIFE OF PI (Ang Lee) and DARK SHADOWS (Tim Burton).
Support development of film and television projects, business development initiatives, and management of talent roster (40+ International and Bi-Coastal clients: actors, writers, directors and performance artists) and marketing support for Buffalo 8 Marketing.
Responsible for submission log, client grids, script reading, pitching clients, communicating with high level executives, proofing contracts, intern coordinating, managing calendar, preparing and submitting expense reports, arranging travel, rolling calls, coordinate travel (domestic & international), and managing multiple inboxes, PR support for Spike Lee’s Academy Award-winning BLACKKKLANSMAN.
Client List

Worked with Yamaha, Box, Spotify, EPSON,, Lenovo, Costco, Experian, Cleveland Golf, Logitech UE, American Golf Corporation, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Mavenlink, Patient Safety Movement, Greenlight Media, Verité Entertainment, Little Village Films and HTD Films.

University of Mississippi: BA in Psychology             Chapman University MFA: Film Production

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