Kanye C. K. Huff

3720 Renaissance Circle| Atlanta, GA 30349

Mother, Melody Huff, (404)

Father, Landon Huff, (404) 853-9761; Email:

Personal Information

Age: 12 years old

DOB: September 4, 2006

Weight: 150

Height: 5’7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Film/Commercial                                          Role
WCES Morning Broadcast News                                                                         Co-Host
Stranger Things 3 (Unreleased)                                                                           Carnival Goer
A Night at the School (Unreleased)                                                                    Jason Dunnly
Jason Dunnly: Guide to Being a Teenager (Unreleased)                       Jason Dunnly
Stargirl (Unreleased)                                                                 Teenager
John Henry                                                                                                                      Background
Harlem Renaissance                                                                                                   Duke Ellington
Cinderella                                                                                                                         Prince Charming
Basketball, Video Production Editing, Acting, Piano, Drawing, Design, Baseball, Soccer, Ping Pong, Biking, Swimming, and Hablar un poco de Español.
Elementary School                                                                                                       Wolf Creek Elementary: SGA President
Cliftondale Elementary
Middle School                                                                                                                 Renaissance Middle:
Talented and Gifted;
TSA Parliamentarian

Social Media
Instagram                                                                                                                         kanye_huff


Central Casting

2018 Background

Casting Taylormade

2019 Background

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