Katrina Mckean

AKA-Nina Mckean

506 Pelham Court

Palmetto, GA 30268

(818) 720-1712


I am a certified Medic and have been in business in

Los Angeles California for 12 years off and on.

Then I relocated here in Georgia and have been here 4 years.

I am in good standing with union, and you can

check my credentials.

I love helping people and I have a excellent bedside


I am respectful as well as caring. I am confident in my

abilities to do my job successfully. I am available as we



Night School.(DP Set)                                                     Tyler Perry-HHN(DP Shop)

The Haunted Hill House.(DP Locations)                        Doom Patrol(DP Locations)

The Next Trick Shot Superstar(Key).                             Black Lighting(DP Set/Locations)

Avenger.(DP Shop)                                                         The Second Sister(DP Shop)

The Gifted.(DP locations)                                               The Family Hustle pro-Commercial(Key)

Iron Chef Gauntlet Season Two(Key)                              Iyanla Fix My Life(Key)

Valor Season 1.(DP Shop)                                                Addidas Commercial(Key)

Finding Steve McQueen.(Key)                                        Apple iPhone Commercial(Key)

Tyson’s Run.(Key)                                                          CandyTopia(Key)

Mile 22.(DP Locations )                                                  Love Story(2nd, location)

The Originals Season 5.(DP Locations)                          Irrestitable(Construction Shop)

HOLIDATE (Construction Shop)

Medic Experience:





Surgery Technician


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