I have been involved with productions since 1972.  Certified in EMS since 1974!

I am a Disaster Specialist providing hands-on training and productions on mass and multi casualty event.  My company provides the most realistic training in the country using Special Effects, award winning makeup and professional actors to teach emergency response crews what to do in a disaster.


Attack of the Rock and Roll Aliens                             Key Medic
The Bear                                                                     Key Medic
Tank                                                                            Medic Support
Invasion USA                                                              Key Medic
Sluggers Wife                                                             Hospital set props-Medical technical advisor
Blood Salvage                                                             Key Medic
Bleed                                                                           Key Medic/Stunt Coordinator
The Originals  (seasons 1-5)                                      Set Medic-PRN
Goosebumps                                                              Set Medic-PRN
Ride Along 2                                                               Set Medic-PRN
Being Mary Jane                                                         Set Medic-PRN construction
Vacation                                                                      Construction, Greens and Preset medic
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk                                 Locations Medic-Dome shots/extras
You’re Back in the Room                                            Key Medic
Sleepy Hollow                                                             2nd unit Medic
24 Legacy                                                                   Medic PRN
Life Sentence                                                              Location Medic
Finding Father (reshoot)                                             Construction Medic
Love Simon                                                                 Construction Medic
Walking Dead                                                             2nd Unit Medic
Step Up (season 1)                                                     Medic
The Passage   (pilot)                                                   Location Medic
Dynasty                                                                       Location Medic
Ant Man 2                                                                   Location and Extra Medic
Dr. Birds Advice to Sad Poets                                    Key Medic
American Soul                                                            Const. Medic backup
Legends                                                                      2nd Unit Medic PRN
Doom Patrol                                                                2nd Unit Medic PRN

Trauma…It’s not in the script (lecture series)              Local 479- safety meeting development, scene safety and professional EMS/Motion picture dept. education.



SCCA-Medical Team and instructor Crash and Burn School

POST Law Enforcement Instructor – First Responders, PIO…

·       Flying Armed

·       Sobriety testing

·       Crime Scene Processing

·       Terrorism / Protective Operations

·       Extrication and Crash Scene Instructor

·       Advanced Vehicle Operations
Forensics Science for Medicolegal Professional

·       NCGLEA Basic Law Enforcement (mandate)

·       Law Enforcement Composite Artist

·       Crime Scene Processing

·       Forensic Photography
Heavy Duty Extrication

·       Motocross and Road Course (bikes)

·       OSHA 10 certified

EMS Standby and Medic for:

·       Tough Mudder competitions

·       Spartan Competition

·       Bull Frog Competitions

AWP certified

Grady EMS – Medical Stand by for live shows Sporting events and Concerts



CPR updated to 06-21-2020


SAFETY PASS A and A2 certified


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